HVAC Specialist

HVAC Specialist

Other local area HVAC companies may talk about their goals of 100% customer satisfaction, but Johnny's Air Conditioning Services makes it a part of our everyday practice. Johnny's Air Conditioning Services offers customers the best air conditioning, heating, cooling and indoor air quality services around - you can count on that! Our experienced HVAC technicians and service reps understand that each customer situation is unique. We provide solutions for air conditioning equipment that will meet your specific requirements, and we specialize in that latest environmentally friendly HVAC products. 

Our highly trained NATE certified service technicians are dedicated to arriving on time, providing professional service, using quality parts, and doing the work right the first time for the price quoted. Whether it's routine maintenance or an emergency, our service experts are prepared for any job. You can count on us, guaranteed !


Some cooling systems are older models, and upgrading to new equipment will offer substantial savings on energy bills. It's not about only upgrading equipment to save money. With older systems you definitely need better insulated ducts. Over time seams and joints in old ducts can't hold pressure, causing air leakage and further energy loss. If you have an air conditioner that is older just ask us for a FREE Estimate, and we will come out to inspect your setup and let you know what options would be perfect for your specific needs!  Upgrading your home involves many aspects to look after, which include windows/doors, roofing material and insulation all together need to be looked at as a whole.

Vic's personal ideology for how good someone might be in their profession is, for example..  just because someone has a MD doctors degree, does not mean they are necessarily a great doctor. We are NATE certified, very well experienced in our trade, and we do not second guess our diagnosis or work. Being efficient, quick and punctual in providing great workmanship has left our clients happy for many years. 

*Johnny's Air Conditioning HVAC services include repair, service, maintenance and installation. Our installation team is top of the line. Their work is done with cleanliness and comes out picture perfect, which gets compliments from city inspectors. Air Conditioning involves so much detail and so many procedures to follow with the latest instruments used in the industry today.

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Bringing The Finest Air Conditioning, Heating And Indoor Air Quality Services

  • Residential

    We're a residential HVAC contractor who understands that your requirements are truly unique.

  • Commercial

    We have the technical experience required to provide you with superior commercial HVAC services.

  • Installation

    Our existence is based upon the effectiveness in which we deliver reliable, efficient heating and air conditioning service.

  • Maintenance Agreements

    Planned service agreements from Johnny's Air Conditioning Services allow you to protect your heating and air conditioning investment.

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Please do not hesitate to call us at (626) 794-1187. If you would like to schedule service online, just visit our contact page. Thank you for your interest in Johnny's Air Conditioning Services, a local Air Conditioning & Heating Contractor in Pasadena who is ready to help you! We look forward to having the opportunity to earn your business.